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By popular demand March for Science Hawaii is re-launching the t-shirt campaign. All net proceeds from the sales will be used to support local science teachers in Hawaii through a series of micro-grants administered by Kanu Hawaii. Quality science education needs to be supported in order to encourage and develop our future scientists and critical thinkers. Help us help Hawaii's educators.

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Why We March

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"It is fine to remain nonpartisan, but that should not mean being blissfully ignorant of the realities of politics. The battles to come in Washington over spending priorities could determine whether the United States will remain a global leader in scientific research."

-- The Washington Post, 4/19/17

"But the standard of “the common good” should not be the one by which science is judged, because such a standard risks politicizing what is inherently apolitical. The March for Science must be clear-eyed in its defense of the scientific process as an independently valuable human activity. It should defend the core value of the scientific process: discovering more about the universe, and ourselves."

-- The New Yorker, 4/21/17

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March for Science Hawai’i is proud to be sponsored and endorsed by a large number of dynamic and impactful local organizations.
If your organization would like to sponsor or endorse March for Science Hawai’i, please contact us at marchforsciencehawaii@gmail.com.


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