Who We Are

Helen Spafford
Organizing Committee Chair

Helen Spafford is the organizing committee chairperson for the March for Science Hawaii. Helen earned her Ph.D. in Biology at Utah State University and taught at the University of Western Australia before taking a position in the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources at the University of Hawaii Manoa. Currently an Associate Professor and Department Chair, Helen has devoted her time to teaching and research in applied entomology. Her professional mission is “to challenge, facilitate and empower students to develop their skills as information consumers, scientists and communicators.”

Emily Gaskin
Operations Committee Chair

Emily Gaskin is a third year law student at the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. She previously spent nine years working for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Washington, D.C., American Samoa, and Hawai‘i. Emily was born on Oahu and she has fond memories of exploring the ocean as a child.

Philip Johnson
Outreach Committee Chair

Philip Johnson is a Professor of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Hawaii, Director of the Collaborative Software Development Laboratory, and the CEO of OpenPowerQuality.com.

Grant Yamashita
Program Committee Chair

Grant Yamashita is a graduate of Northwestern University and received his PhD in Population Biology from UC Davis. He coordinated the NSF-funded Embryo Project as a post-doctoral fellow at Arizona State University and was a visiting scholar at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin. Currently a consultant, Grant’s interests and work focus on the intersection of science, digital technologies, and the humanities. Having grown up in Hawai’i, he is happy to be home again and help grow science in the Islands.

Stephanie Wilson
Website Administrator

Stephanie Wilson has a BA in Film & Digital Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz and is the administrator of the geek culture blog The Geekiary.  In addition to her media analysis, she also works in the health insurance industry helping customers and providers process claims.  Originally from California, Stephanie has been a resident of Oahu since 2014.

Elisha Wood-Charlson
Media Relations

Elisha Wood-Charlson has a PhD in Marine Science and has been studying corals and viruses in the oceans around Hawai’i and on the Great Barrier Reef for over a decade. She now focuses on making science more efficient through communication and data management at UH Manoa. She is also the outreach coordinator for the Science Communicators ‘Ohana and the local Hawai’i chapter for the Graduate Women in Science. She loves being in Hawai’i because she enjoys being outside all year round.

Dylan Davis
Fiscal Officer

Dylan Davis is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a B.S. in Botany. He now works as a natural resource field technician at the Ko’olau Mountains Watershed Partnership, living the dream of full-time employment in the conservation sector. When not getting lost in the woods, Dylan cooks food and plays music.

Brooks Bays
Graphic Designer

Brooks Bays has worked as a scientific illustrator at the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) on the UH Mānoa campus since 1988. With a background in animal behavior research, he enjoys helping scientists present what they’ve discovered — helping them tell their story to other scientists and to the general community — as clearly as possible. He marches for science because science works: the scientific method is the best way we have of developing the tools we need to solve the challenges that face us.

Other Volunteers and Supporters

Alexis Erum, Kauai march organizer
Alice Vislova, Outreach/Media/Operations
Ananda Stone, Maui organizing team
Ann Marten, Outreach
Anthony Christie, Outreach/UH GSO representative
Asami Kobayashi, Outreach/Sierra club representative
Barbara Shimei, Operations/Outreach/Program
Brittany Arvizu, Operations/Outreach/Program
Burke Burnett, Media team/Outreach
Burt Lum, Media team/Outreach
Carolyn Hadfield, Outreach/World Can’t Wait Rep/Sign making
Catherine Pham, Operations/Outreach/Program
Cindy Matsuki, Outreach
Daniele Spirandellie, Outreach
Daryl Scott, Maui mark lead organizer
Eric Dilley, Operations/Outreach
Eric Vetter, Outreach/HPU representative
Erik Brush, Outreach
Erin Yap, Operations/Outreach/Program
Ethan Allen, Media team/Outreach
George Lee, Outreach
Grae Maddox, HPU representative/Outreach/Operations/Program
Heather Kimball, Hilo, Hawaii march lead organizer
Hope Ishii, Outreach
James Wang, Outreach
Jay Evans, Media team/Outreach
Jennifer Geis, Operations/Outreach/Program
JoAndrea Napoli, Outreach
Joni Kamiya, Outreach/Alliance for Science Hawaii representative
Joseph Mobley, Operations/Outreach/Program
Judith Wells, Operations/Program/Outreach
Julia Smith, Operations/Outreach/Program
Kathi Saks, Volunteer Coordinator
Keone Kealoha, Fiscal Sponsor
Kim Binstead, Outreach
Laci Gerhart Barley, Website/Outreach

Liz Foote, Maui organizing team
Lyndall Ellingson, HPU representative
Malia Cahill, Maui organizing team
Manuel Mejia, Lanai and Molokai march lead organizer
Marian Chau, Outreach
Mariana Gerschenson, JABSOM representative
Mark Hixon, Operations/Outreach/Program
Mark Ladao, Outreach
Mary Hoffman, Operations/Outreach/Program
Matt Lynch, Outreach/Program
McKay Davis, Outreach
Michael Muszynski, Outreach
Mihaela Ryer, Operations/Outreach
Mike Wilson, Operations/Outreach/Program
Milton Bratter, Chaminade representative
Narissa Speis, Outreach
Patrick Castro, Outreach/Pangeaseed representative
Patrick Chee, Outreach
Penny Lindsey, Outreach
Regina Ostergaard Klem, HPU representative
Robert Richmond, Outreach/Program
Rosie Alegado, Outreach/Program
Ryan Chang, Oahu invasive species committee representative
Ryan Ozawa, Media/Outreach
Scott Robertson, Outreach
Stuart Coleman, Surfrider representative/Outreach
Sue Chouljian, Operations/Program/Outreach
Sumiko Ogura-Yamada, Operations/Program
Susan Yamamoto, Bishop museum representative/Outreach
Susann Lederer, Operations/Outreach/Program
Taylor Craig, Uhu conservancy representative
Tom Iwanicki, Program - music
Tom Linder, Outreach